Kimono Jiu Jitsu Training White

$ 219.00 $ 149.00

Be unbeaten on the mat with the Kimono GFTeam Jiu-jitsu. Resistant, it features a braided cotton jacket, ensures athlete comfort and mobility throughout the training or competition.


Name: Kimono GFTeam Canada White
Male gender
Indication: Training and Competition – Jiu-Jitsu
Composition: 100% Cotton
Weight: 1.6 kg
A0 – Height: 1,50m to 1,60m
– Weight: up to 65 kg

A1 – Height: 1,60m to 1,70m
– Weight: up to 75 kg

A2 – Height: 1,70m to 1,80m
– Weight: up to 85 kg

A3- Height: 1,80m to 1,90m
– Weight: up to 95 kg

A4- Height: 1,90m to 2,00m
– Weight: up to 110 kg

Obs :. Product does NOT accompany Graduation Range.
The Band is sold separately.

Manufacturer Warranty against manufacturing defect.

Important: Exceptionally, Kimonos can shrink between 1% and 3% in normal washes, without the use of Dryers.