GFTeam was founded in 1996 by Júlio CésarMarcus Bello and Alexandre Baraúna at Universidade Gama Filho (A University in Rio de Janeiro Brasil.)

As the team became more established, we moved to a larger facility on campus and developed a stronger and more professional program.

During this important time, we also received tremendous support from  Pedro Gama and Paulo Jardim, who provided financial assistance, and helped many of our athletes obtain scholarships.

As more Black Belts were trained by Masters CésarBello and Baraúna, the team expanded in Brazil and abroad.

 Today, GFTeam is represented by 250 schools worldwide and is a Premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organization.


To transform student’s lives through martial arts, both physically and mentally.

In addition, train a variety of exercises, movements, and drills, at the same time practicing respect, self -discipline, self-confidence, and focus.

These positive qualities, experiences, and values can be applied off the mat and shared with people close to us.


We want to create a second Family for our students, the Gfteam Family.


Professor Rafael started Jiu-Jitsu in 1992, at age 13.

His first team was “Nova Geração Jiu-Jitsu”, (New Generation) where he trained under Master Francisco “Toco” Albuquerque and Carlson Gracie.

Rafael was promoted to Black Belt in 2001.

He joined GFTeam in 2010 to continue his training under Master Júlio Cesar Pereira and Theodoro Canal.

Today, Rafael is a 4th degree Black belt and an accomplished Competitor and Instructor.

As a Competitor Rafael La Porta Achieved great results in different belts and divisions:

  • 3 Times National Champion;

  • 2 Times National Team Champion;

  • 3 Times Provincial Champion;

  • RIO BJJ Champion;

  • More than 40 Times IBJJF and others Federations medalist.

Back in time, in Brazil, Rafael La Porta studied Physical Education for 4 years and was Graduated as a Physical Trainer, did a Post Graduation in Exercise Physiology and worked as Personal and Physical Trainer for more than 10 years.