GFTeam Mini Samurai Program was designed to help build better persons in the future. Our main goal is to make them a life Samurais, focused in build and improve qualities such as, respect, discipline, hierarchy, self-control, perseverance, focus and our second goal is to make them Samurais in the mats, teaching and improving their BJJ abilities, turning them more self-confident and well prepared to defend themselves wherever it is necessary for a real situation.

GFTeam Mini Samurai Program is open for kids from 3 to 14 years old, and it is divided into two categories:

Little Samurai (3 to 7 years old) – In this program kids are going to discover and understand better their bodies, we are going to work a lot of coordination, laterality, balance and some other abilities with games, exercises, and BJJ movements. Also, Little Samurais are going to deal with discipline, respect and learn to focus and pay attention during the classes.

Junior Samurai (8 to 14 Years old) – Junior Samurais are going to improve their body abilities, such as strength, power, cardio and flexibility with exercises, games, drills, sparring and BJJ movements. These classes are focused in keep building everything they learned in the Little Samurai program but now learning more techniques, challenging and testing more themselves.

Every kid is more than welcome to join the GFTeam Mini Samurai Program, no matter if they are boy or girl, light or heavy, with a lot of energy or calmer, with experience in martial art or never joined any type of martial art before, shy or uninhibited.

We are sure that your kid will love it and together, GFTeam Mini Samurai Program and parents will make them more prepared to the future.

Little Samurai (3 to 7 yrs)  

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  from 4 to 5 pm / Saturday from 9 to 10 am

Junior Samurai (8 to 14 yrs)  

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  from 5 to 6 pm / Saturday from 9 to 10 am