GFTeam Fundamentals Program



In this program, students will start to discovery the soft art named Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our first goal is to prepare your body to deal with movements and transitions completely different than the ones we use in our daily routine.

Using various exercises and drills we will work to gain strength, cardio conditioning, flexibility, and endurance, but at the same time GFTeam Fundamentals program will be teaching and improving innumerous basic BJJ techniques combined with sparring and drilling. Slowly students will start to understand the BJJ game and create their own style based on using the movements learned in a sequence, making smart and good transitions.

GFTeam Fundamentals Program is open for different types of students, no matter if you want to join us to improve your self-defense, to be a high-level athlete, to be in fit, to cut weight, to improve your self-confidence, to make new friends or just to relieve your stress you are more than welcome to join us.